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  • Aug 30 2017

    The Many Benefits of Supported Shoulder Stand

    In this pose gravity increases the venous blood flow to the brain, eyes, heart, and digestive organs.  Almost every part of you will benefit from regularly doing Sarvangasana. Let’s learn everything about this asana. First, cautions — In case you have problems with your spine, neck, or you are suffering from high blood pressure, practise this […]

  • Aug 15 2017

    Take a Five Minute Yoga Break!

    I always find it surprising how much better I feel at work if I take a few minutes every now and then to sit up, stretch my body, and take some relaxing breaths.  I found this refreshing routine at Yoga+ Joyful Livingwritten by Greg Capitolo.  Enjoy! Extended periods of sitting seem to be an occupational hazard […]

  • Jul 30 2017

    Gift Ideas for Your Yogi Friends

    Yoga equipment and accessories If your friend has been doing yoga for a while, he or she is probably all set up in terms of yoga mats and yoga clothes. However, your friend may not yet have yoga blocks (mostly used by beginners to help them with balance when they don’t have enough flexibility), or a yoga wheel which […]

  • Jun 30 2017

    Yoga Myths and Why They Are Not True

    You have to be flexible to do yoga Not being flexible is the reason why you should do yoga. And in case you don’t have enough flexibility to do some asanas, there are always yoga blocks and other yoga props to help you master any pose. Yoga is for young people Nothing can be further […]