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Gift Ideas for Your Yogi Friends

Yoga equipment and accessories

If your friend has been doing yoga for a while, he or she is probably all set up in terms of yoga mats and yoga clothes. However, your friend may not yet have yoga blocks (mostly used by beginners to help them with balance when they don’t have enough flexibility), or a yoga wheel which is a nice prop for a variety of poses, including all kinds of backbends. You can look up the tag #yogawheel on Instagram to get the idea.

Another great accessory is yoga paws, which in some cases may substitute a yoga mat and is a perfect gift for those who like to practise yoga outdoors.

If your friend is more of a home yoga fan, consider gifts that can make a home yoga practice more enjoyable. Like a set of electric candles to set the mood, or a wall decoration with yoga inspired pattern for the yoga zone in their house.


Yoga-inspired gift ideas

If you don’t feel like choosing a piece of yoga equipment, there is a lot you can find outside yoga-specialised stores. Perhaps, your friend will appreciate jewelry with yoga symbols, mugs or posters with sayings about yoga. Mandala coloring books have also become very popular gifts lately, and not just with yogis, but with everyone who can benefit from a relaxing pastime.


Yoga experiences

If you like to give people experiences rather than gifts on their birthdays, buy them an admission to a new yoga studio or a yoga workshop.

Or, in case you can afford something more expensive, book a yoga retreat for your friend. Yoga retreats normally offer organic meals, yoga classes and meditation practices. There are tons to choose from. From luxury yoga holidays in Europe to camping yoga retreats in the nearest town.

And if your friends are only considering starting yoga, take them to their first ever yoga class, they will appreciate it!


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