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The Many Benefits of Supported Shoulder Stand

In this pose gravity increases the venous blood flow to the brain, eyes, heart, and digestive organs.  Almost every part of you will benefit from regularly doing Sarvangasana. Let’s learn everything about this asana.

First, cautions

— In case you have problems with your spine, neck, or you are suffering from high blood pressure, practise this asana with a qualified teacher who can suggest you a safer variation of the pose with yoga props.

— Women shouldn’t do Sarvangasana during menstruation and shouldn’t start practising it during pregnancy.

— Don’t do Sarvangasana right after the meal.

— Make sure the weight is distributed between your upper arms and shoulders, don’t stress your neck. It shouldn’t be glued to the floor, make sure there is enough space between the floor and your neck to slide fingers under it.

How to do

Lie on your back, lift up your legs (straight) and put them behind your back. Now put your hands on your upper arms and move your legs and body vertically up. To come down, lower your legs behind your head and then slowly, bone by bone, roll your back onto the floor. If you would rather watch how it’s done than read about it, check out this video.


In fact, Sarvangasana benefits the entire body.  Below are a few of many benefits of Sarvangasana:

— Decreases the heart rate, soothes the nervous system and clears your mind

— Regulates the hormone secretion of the parathyroid  and thyroid glands in the neck

— Brings relief to those suffering from asthma and throat ailments

— Increases the metabolism and normalizes the digestion

— Tones your back, glutes, thighs, and shoulders

— Relieves swollen legs

It seems unbelievable that one pose can bring you so much good. But the explanation is simple: the inverted position increases the blood circulation in all the mentioned areas and stimulates their work. Our body is capable of doing amazing things to cure itself, but as your everyday life doesn’t involve many inverted poses, yoga practice is an awesome chance to balance this.

Like any treatment, practising Sarvangasana requires consistency. Start with staying in the pose for 30 seconds. Try to add 5-10 seconds every day until you can hold Sarvangasana for 5 minutes. You’ll soon begin to notice how your overall health is improving.


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